Smart bikes
that make business sense.

UrBike provides a smart mobility solution for last mile / hyperlocal transportation. Contact us to see how we can work with your company and community needs.

<span>Smart bikes<br /> that make business sense.</span>

UrBike Key Features

Mobility Software and Application
Mobility Software and Application

End to end software solution, mobile application, customer/client connection to support your fleet.

Rider Data and Analytics
Rider Data and Analytics

Learn more about the habits of your patrons when they use UrBike and see how you can enhance their experience.

Smart Assets
Smart Assets

Providing dockless pedal bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters along with accountable service plans and technology tools to simplify the management of your fleet.


Our software makes it easy to get the information to run a smart fleet..

A simple app and your customers are on their way. Collect valuable user activity data and analytics about their ride.

The UrBike program allows your customers to find a bike near them quickly. The data that is collected from these sessions can provide new opportunities for how you engage with your customers.

Smart Products

Pedal Bikes




Your customers can use the App to ride smart bikes. And your business can utilize all their data for enhanced value. Become a larger part in your community. Provide sustainable hyper-local transportation to your patrons and enable them to explore your surroundings..

Earn Ride Credits

Earn credit towards free rides as you use UrBike.

Smart Device Options

Dockless bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, GPS utilities, Custom Locks, and smart accessories for your transportation needs.

Park UrBike Almost Anywhere

Ride without the need to carry/have a physical lock, and always know where the bike is for when you are ready to ride again.

Collect Rider Data And Analytics

Found out where your riders go, how they engage in the community, and other relevant data to help you better understand your customer.

See your Stats

See your ride stats such as distance, travel route, and calories burned in the UrBike App.

White Label Product

White label or brand your smart device or app to provide a more custom transportation service and promotional capabilities.

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